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    Diagnostics Basel ; 10 5 Apr Considering the dismal prognosis this disease presents, several efforts have been made to better classify it and offer a tailored treatment to each subtype. Nonetheless, there are still mutations that are not currently included in the WHO AML classification, as in hormones stimulate prostate cancer case of some mutations that influence methylation.

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    In this regard, the present study aimed to determine if some of the mutations that influence DNA methylation can be clustered together regarding methylation, expression, and clinical profile.

    The analysis was performed using R 3. Afterwards, mutations that were present in too few patients were removed from the analysis, thus including a total of 57 AML patients.

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    Moreover, when comparing the hypermethylating group with the hypomethylating one, we also observed important differences regarding expression, methylation, and clinical profile. In the current manuscript we offer additional arguments for the similarity of the studied hypermethylating mutations and suggest that those should be clustered together in further classifications.

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    The hypermethylating and hypomethylating groups formed above were shown to be different from each other considering overall survival, methylation profile, expression profile, and clinical characteristics. Thus, we hypothesize that hypermethylating mutations skew the AML cells to a similar phenotype with a possible sensitivity to hypermethylating agents.